About Us

Sinkit Phaiboon Lohakarn Co., Ltd.

Founded on 1 March 1977 by Mr. Sinchai Ngamwongmas, one of the pioneers of the complete construction steel distributor. Including being the agent to import the same material from abroad By selecting that the quality and standards are suitable for use in Thailand

Why Us

Sinkit Phaiboon Lohakarn Co., Ltd. Distribution of steel products for complete construction Leading in Thailand We have many products to choose from, such as round bars, deformed steel, various types of steel, hot rolled steel. And other materials Suitable for use in all types of construction All products have been carefully selected. Select only products from steel mills in the country that have received the industrial product certification standards (TIS.) or equivalent to JIS or ASTM standards only. Thus ensuring that customers will receive products that are quality, durable and truly meet the needs of use

In addition to selling quality construction steel, Sinkit Phaiboon Lohakarn Co., Ltd. is also one of the leading cutting boards from countries such as Billy and Scrap, to deliver leading steel mills in the country.

With over 30 years of work experience and a nationwide network Therefore can be confident that Sinkit Phaiboon Lohakarn Co., Ltd. will be able to supply various raw materials Related to steel and construction To meet the needs of every customer for sure We also have a warehouse with a wide area. Can store more than 30,000 tons of construction steel to quickly respond to every order Every customer will receive products and services that are efficient, on-time and convenient for you 24 hours a day.